Negativethree is a footwear brand available to male and female consumer
that  offers  through  its  products  Uniqueness,  Change  and  Innovation.
At Negativethree, we design M/W shoes & accessories.
The brand strives to be the symbol of " Constructing  &  Deconstructing "
which manufactures and markets hand-finished contemporary shoes made

from unique materials  as  structural outsole and specific colour by offbeat


The  brand  will  offer shoes that are not only desirable and contemporary,
but also provide the consumers of  today  the  opportunity  to  fulfil  their

individual meaningful desires with their purchases.
Both  these attributes combined enable  the  brand  to  establish  a  niche

position, and allow consumers  to  make their  own stylish statements with

their footwear.

Also, The brand objective is to create a “ Cresumer “( Creative+Consumer )
who  develops existing content to creates a new culture and  consumption

trend.  In many cultures around the world, The brand will be thought to be

the symbol of Offbeat Intuition.

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